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My name is Jimmy Johnson (aka Draybar)
I'm sure you have figured out by now that this site is about a very special interest of mine...SNAKES....Yes, snakes.
As I was growing up I would catch snakes, turtles, frogs, toads, salamanders, lizards and just about anything else that moved.
I would usually keep them through the spring and summer and release them before winter hit.
This probably wasn't good for these animals but what does a kid growing up in the 60's know?
It did give me early experience in reptile husbandry and sparked a life long love of reptiles.
Even if I didn't bring anything home, everywhere I went I kept my eyes open for reptiles and amphibians.
In the early 80's I caught a nice four foot long black rat snake and my interest in snakes was renewed.
During the 80's my collection grew to include five black rat snakes, one local corn snake, a Florida corn snake, an Eastern milk snake, an Eastern king snake, a speckled king snake, a Southern hognose snake and a seven foot Burmese python.
At this time I was living alone.
I kept snakes for close to 10 years before my wife-to-be moved in. Although she never hinted, asked or indicated she wished me to get rid of them, I knew she was nervous about the snakes so I did get rid of them. This was also to make room. My snake room had now become a spare bedroom.
In the early 90's I started keeping and rescuing turtles. This endeavor/hobby kept me quite busy over the next decade. All along though, I still had that fascination with snakes.
Especially corn snakes. With their beautiful colors, excellent dispositions and ease of care, corn snakes had always been at the top of my list of favorites.
Well, in May of 2001, I was in a local pet store and saw a beautiful little corn snake hatchling. I brought her home and was once again hooked on snakes.
This little hatchling actually turned out to be a creamsicle. A creamsicle is a cross between a corn snake and a great plains rat snake expressing amelanism.(go to my morphs section to learn more about this)
I must thank my wonderful wife, Patti, for being very understanding and supportive of my renewed interest in snakes. She has been right there with me all the way.
It is very hard not to be captivated by their beauty.
I have since bowed out of turtle rescue and reduced my collection to only a few.
This has allowed for some extra space and easily converted habitats.

So, the story continues.
At this time I have twenty five pure corn snakes, twenty two corn snake/emoryi rat snake mixes, including creamsicles, motley creamsicles, stripe creamsicles and cinnamons, I also have six bairds rat snakes and five great plains (emoryi) rat snakes.
These numbers can and will change with sales, breeding, trades and purchases.
I will try to update on a regular basis.
Speaking of which, the last update was on 4-26-08
So, check out the rest of the site. You will find some information on general care, explanations of morphs or phases of corns snakes, links to great snake sites, a look at a few habitat ideas and plenty of photographs to keep you entertained.
Jimmy (Draybar)



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Jimmy Johnson

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