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These are some of my snake habitats.
First we have one of several 20-gallon "long" set-ups
The first of three 55-gallon tanks I split to accomodate two snakes.
A 30-gallon set-up.
Another 20-gallon "long" set-up.
The third 20-gallon "long".
A home-made tank... 30" long by 14" front to back by 20" tall.
One of four 10-gallon tanks.
Another of the 10-gallon tanks.
The second 55-gallon "split" aqurium.
The third 55-gallon "split" aquarium.
The fourth 20 gallon "long
A look at one of the 28-quart Sterilite "sweater" boxes housing some of my snakes.
A look at one of the 6-quart Sterilite "shoe" boxes housing some of my hatchlings.
A converted book case, serving as a temporary rack, that can hold 6-quart, 28-quart and/or 32 quart Sterilite boxes.
And a look at the two racks I built. One holds thirty six 6-quart Sterilite shoe boxes and the other holds ten 28-quart Sterilite sweater boxes.
I built another adult rack and added a picture of the two adult and single hatchling racks.
The racks have Flex Watt heat tape running inside the length of the back panels. The temperatures are controled by thermostats.
I use aspen shavings as the substrate in all of my habitats.
For heating, in the aquariums I have Under-Tank-Heaters and with the "bookcase rack" I use standard heat pads.

20 gallon         The Split 55 gallon tank #1         left side of the split tank         right side of the split tank

30-gallon tank         20-gallon tank         20-gallon tank         Home-made tank

10-gallon tank         10-gallon tank         Split 55-gallon aquarium #2         split 55-gallon #3

20-gallon tank         28 quart box         6 quart hatchling box         temporary rack
hatchling rack         adult rack         original two racks         all three racks

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